At The Home + Haven Co, each service is customized to suit your needs. The services you’ll see below are merely a starting point for us to curate the perfect look for you.

Turning a house into your home can be daunting, and maybe you are in need of some help to make it your own. On the flip side, your home might embody who you are so well, but you are ready for your next chapter and need help depersonalizing to get the house list-ready. Or maybe you have everything you need, except it feels like things are constantly a mess and you need some kind of magic to get your space organized…

That’s where I’d love to be of service to you. There is so much “inspo” thrown at us on social media and frankly, it’s overwhelming. You have a vision in your mind of what you’re looking for, but don’t quite know the best way to execute. On the other hand, you really aren’t sure what you want, and would benefit from the help of someone who could show you different potential options and together, you could make a vision come to life. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle: You’ve gotten started on a project, and well, life keeps getting in the way. I totally get it and I’m here to help!

I’ve detailed out the services I currently offer below, but this is only a starting point. My service is really up to you, and what your needs are. I am here for you. If you want to be hands on, we will work closely together on your vision, but if you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the finished product, that works just as well! If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out and I’d love to chat!

Our Available Services


Together we will walk through your space to discuss your goals and vision (or lack thereof — and yes, that’s totally okay to not know!) Once I see the space, we can sit down and talk about all of the important things: Your budget, first and foremost. I strive to give you a luxurious experience no matter your budget. Style IS affordable, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Once we establish a budget, we will come up with a list of wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and non-negotiables. Within a couple of weeks, I will have a consultation summary, custom design plan, and design quote for you to review. The consultation is a 30 minute appointment and is charged at a non-refundable flat rate of $150 due at the time of our meeting. Note: Renovation projects often require a longer consultation and a more in-depth design plan. Pricing models for renovations/remodels will be discussed prior to meeting.


Need a decor facelift, or struggling to style one or more spaces in your home? With this service, I will work to restyle and refresh the look of your home using new decor, and will potentially rearrange the layout of your larger pieces (think: tables, chairs, couches, etc) to get the most out of your space. This simple service will leave you feeling rejuvenated in your restyled space.


If you’re feeling ready for a renovation or style overhaul to elevate a room or your whole home, this service is for you. Think of this as a home makeover — whether you are wanting a brand new color palette, all new furniture and decor, or are looking to renovate, I will tailor a custom design with your vision at the forefront to create a transformed, beautiful space for you and your family.

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Pricing For Services

Full service design pricing varies based on the scope of the project. A quote estimate will be created from the consultation appointment and sent over with the custom design plan. Due to scheduling and availability, we currently have a design project minimum of $2,000. Should additional design services be requested during our project together or scope of the project changes, an addendum will be created and additional payment will be required. A 50% deposit and service agreement are required before project start. I accept Zelle, personal check, or cash.

*Note: Quote estimates reflect the design service only and do not include project management for renovations, furnishings and purchased goods, purchasing fees, furnishing and decor installation, or any additional professional services needed to complete the project.

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